Twinterview with Dennis Stevens

24 Apr

Last week we ‘twinterviewed’ (twitter interviewed) upcoming Fusion speaker Dennis Stevens (@dennisstevens). Here’s what happened:

@dennisstevens: Hi! So what have you been up to today?





@SoftEdMan: I gave a keynote talk this morning at Agile Comes to You about Successful Patterns in scaling agile

@SoftEdMan: The afternoon was spent working on a new executive briefing and a meeting with a group CTO for a multi-national client.

 wow, all while we were sleeping in Aus! So please tell us what you do for a living?

 I am a partner in a firm that helps organizations become more agile in their product development efforts.

 what’s your favourite thing about what you do?

 Helping see that there is a way to do their jobs that is more productive.

 it must be great to get people excited about that!

 It is very rewarding. I look forward to going to work almost every day.

 what thing (website, article, gadget etc) have you seen in the past 3 months which excited you about the future of tech?

 Wow. A lot. I am excited to see Steve Denning’s recent articles in Forbes about the future of management.

 I love my new iPad3. I am intrigued by the future of mobile and tablet computing in business and in our lives.

 we’re also seeing a lot more mobile/tablet use amongst our newsletter readers, it’s interesting to watch it grow so quickly

 I think the computing landscape will be significantly different in 3 years than it is today. Mobile, voice, tablet, location services.

 One of the coolest things I saw was the new Coke dispenser. You pick your fsoda and your flavours and it mixes it on the fly.

 These are all new applications of software to change what is possible.

 that sounds cool! Will check it out. Next q: which website do you use the most and why?

 Google. My gateway to whatever is on my mind.

 ha! everyone says that, it’s probably mine too, which article/book would you encourage everyone to read?

 The most recent book is Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk. I also enjoyed Design Thinking recently.

 I think everyone should read The Goal. Guns, Germs, and Steel is also a fascinating read about how things come to be.

 6 down, 4 to go: so, which common mistakes do you see businesses making when it comes to technology?

 Working on too many things at once – mixing up getting started on lots of things with getting a lot done.

 Getting started without a clear understanding – and then letting inertia carry them along without confirming assumptions.

 Getting mired down in internal controls, politics, and turf wars at the expense of their customers and their organizations.

 Failing to stop, reflect, learn, and change approaches. Getting caught up defending a position instead of creating new options.

 sounds like a lot of wasted effort! What, in your opinion, is the best thing about Agile? How can it help in these situations?

 It is a lot of wasted effort. Agile can help reduce this effort. If nothing else it makes it obvious so it can be addressed.

 one more about Agile, what do you think is the worst thing about Agile?

 It is organizationally threatening. We look to change behaviours of Devs, testers, analysts, project managers, and management.

 We do this in a way that highlights problems – and this is very risky for many organizations.

 you should get danger money! I bet you have to say some difficult things

 Sometimes. We try to create space to make the conversations less threatening – and show people how they can contribute.

 final question (which I may know the answer to) when are you next visiting ‘down under’?

 I am coming down for the Fusion conference in September. I am doing a workshop a keynote and a talk.

 how fantastic, and the pre-conference workshop too, details here for anyone who is interested:

 I will be focusing on Enterprise and Business Analysis – and an approach to Agile Transformation. I am looking forward to it.

 we’re looking forward to your visit!

 Thanks for the tweet chat. I look forward to meeting all of you.

 thanks so much for your time and the twitter interview, will be posted on our blog as well soon, safe travels!

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