Agile Thinking for Business Analysis: Beyond User Stories

05 Mar

Kent McDonald, Business Analysis expert and past SoftEd conference presenter, has written up a summary of the ‘Agile Thinking for Business Analysis: Beyond User Stories’ from the Agile 2011 conference on his blog. The session was hosted by Steve Adolph and our very own Shane Hastie and the premise of the session was that although User Stories are the “industry standard” way of documenting requirements in Agile approaches, they by themselves are insufficient to fully explain the problem space and solution constraints, by design. To get a full picture of what the team is trying to deliver, you need to progressively elaborate the information, starting with an understanding of the scope & context, then proceeding to epics and stories, which act primarily as a planning mechanism, and finally providing greater detail through the use of acceptance criteria.

Read Kent’s full post here

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